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Social Justice

Think Reparations Before Donating Your Stimulus Check

If you are considering donating the stimulus checks your family has received, please be aware that Black Lives Matter to Wisconsin UUs (BLMWUU) is partnering with Black Milwaukeeans to learn how we can best begin to make reparations for the harm experienced historically and presently by Black Americans. Consistent with our UU values and principles of the Black Lives Matter movement, we will seek the direction of members of the Black community concerning how our donated checks might best be spent, strengthening our practice of “followership.”

Acting as a community of faith, rather than as individuals, we can have greater impact. Consulting with those most affected by COVID-19 and its economic and social and psychological ravages, by centuries of racism and white supremacy, and by the gross imbalance of power and resources that characterize our society and our community, we will deepen partner relationships and recognize the authority of lived experience.

BLMWUU invites you to contribute to a fund we have set up to aggregate our donations. Our community partners will guide the expenditure of these monies where they will be of greatest use.

Our fund is now up and running, and receiving tax-deductible donations. You can contribute by:

  • writing a check to United UUC, 506 N. Washington, Waukesha, WI 53188, with “Reparations” in the memo line
  • texting 262-261-8829
  • going to  Use the dropdown menu to choose “Reparations.” Note: give this option a day or two to get set up.

Thank you for your generosity and patience.

Mary Devitt, Coordinator, Black Lives Matter to Wisconsin UUs

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