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Pastoral Care Associate, What’s It Like?

“Being a PCA has given me the opportunity to get to know many church members who I probably otherwise would not have connected with on such a deep level. I have really enjoyed giving back to the church community that has given me so much and feel like the time I have spent supporting other members has truly made a difference in helping them through these difficult times.” ~ Susan Nolte

“As a parent of young children, I find it particularly meaningful to serve as a trained listener to other parents in the congregation. Especially during this extremely challenging time of pandemic, everything about parenting is amplified. My role as a PCA has allowed me to sit with folks who are deeply caring for others every day, often at the expense of their own self-care, and to hold a quiet space for them, without passing judgment, without offering advice—just listening and asking questions to help them open up the space for themselves even further. It is an honor and a privilege to serve the congregation in this manner.”  ~ Sarah Richards

 To learn more about the pastoral care ministry, watch this 40 minute video by our UU MidAmerica regional staff lead Rev. David Pyle: The video will help you discern whether serving as a Pastoral Care Associate at First Church is a good fit for you.

Pastoral Care Associates are church members who make a commitment to serve our congregation for three years as confidential, trained listeners for members experiencing difficult life transitions. We meet monthly for support, ongoing training, and spiritual development.

Find more information and the application on this web page.

Rev. Dena McPhetres, Associate Minister

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