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UU Principles in 21st Century-Input Welcome

Learn More about Article II and Proposed Bylaw Changes

In four UU Principles in the 21st Century workshops, we’ve been talking about who we are, what we believe as UUs, and the purpose of our faith. The UUA Study Commission will be making a recommendation to update the Principles and Purposes section of our UUA bylaws to ensure they are relevant to our current values. We were grateful to see our UU community so engaged in discussing our faith and congregational values.

Your input is needed. Though any proposed changes to the bylaws would not be presented until GA 2023, then voted on at GA 2024, the Study Commission is working now to gain member feedback to make the best recommendation possible. Please take a few minutes to complete this UUA Article II Individual Survey before April 30, 2022.

from the Article II Team — Michelle Boehm, Rollie Hanson, and Terry Wiggins


Resources about UU Principles:

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