Pastoral Care Program

Life is hard sometimes. We all experience sickness, job loss, broken hearts and broken bodies. We want to support you through those difficult times.

Do you need a listening ear or a helping hand? We offer pastoral care for First Church members with varied needs, such as families with a new baby, or a foster or adopted child; members facing an important life transition, surgery, or chronic illness; or those experiencing job loss, divorce, terminal illness, the death of a friend or family member, or other crisis.

(Note: if you like to be trained to help provide these services, scroll down to the Become a Volunteer section below.)

Here is more information about our services:

Pastoral Care Associate – Services Available

We seek to support each other as we journey together through life’s mountains and valleys, through our personal and common sorrows and struggles. When you need a listening ear, because of:

  • a recent illness
  • an upcoming surgery
  • divorce
  • life transitions
  • job loss
  • death of a loved one …

A Pastoral Care Associate is ready to be helpful, if you choose. Contact Jane Peterson, Pastoral Care Associate Coordinator.

Pastoral Care Associates currently serving:

Andrew Alden

Logan Garcia

Julie Hamrick

Bob Kollmeyer

Donna Moberg

Susan Nolte

Jerilyn Pearcy

Sarah Richards

Dale Skaggs

Jen Vargas


Pastoral Care Provider – Services Available

Volunteers are available to give rides or meals to other members in need. When you need a helping hand, if:

  • you have a new baby and need a meal (or two or three)
  • you break your leg and need a ride
  • you are coming home from being in the hospital and would appreciate a meal …

A Pastoral Care Provider is ready to be helpful, if you choose. Contact Jane Dorweiler, Pastoral Care Provider Coordinator.

Pastoral Care Providers – Become a Volunteer

First Church Members may volunteer as Pastoral Care Providers or Associates.

There are two parts to the program.

Pastoral Care Providers are volunteers who give rides or meals to other members in need.

Pastoral Care Associates are carefully trained members who lend an ear to someone who needs to talk. Good listening and a quiet presence is sometimes all that is needed to help during difficult life transitions such as surgery, chronic illness, divorce, terminal illness, death, difficult decisions, problems at work or home, the arrival of a new family member, graduation or a new career.