As someone who finds comfort, spiritual connection, and inspiration in nature, there is always delight to be found outdoors. But delight can be found in many places, people, things, activities, and reveries. This June, I’d like to share a taste of what Theme Circle members receive in their monthly packet from Soul Matters. This was written by Rev. Scott Tayler, who invites us to discover delight through a variety of questions. These are questions you can live with quietly and they are questions you can ask people you know.

Tayler writes, “One of the best ways to explore our monthly themes is to bring them into the conversations you have with those closest to you. It’s a powerful way to deepen our conversations and our relationships. Below is a list of “delight questions” to help you on your way.

  1. What age has been most full of delight for you?
  2. What is the oddest thing you delight in?
  3. What summer activity delighted you most as a child?
  4. What word delights you when you say it?
  5. Has delight ever helped you survive something difficult?
  6. Have you faked delight in the past year?
  7. Do you have a story you delight in telling to others over and over again? (Maybe that you tell so much that your family rolls their eyes when you begin telling it again.) What role do you think these frequently told tales play in our lives?
  8. Who taught you the most about cultivating delight?”

I would be delighted to hear what you discover while you explore these delightful questions! Have a wonderful summer and see you at church.

Rev. Dena McPhetres
Associate Minister

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