Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom, First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee

What does it mean to be a people of wholeness in the midst of all this grief, and spring also rising? How is it possible to praise the mutilated earth when the melting snow exposes raw, muddy loss?

We Unitarian Universalists sometimes try to do Good Friday and Easter Sunday in 60 minutes or skip the story all together. But our Christian siblings have learned that transformation is a long process, and give an entire week for the people to move from jubilation, to service, to betrayal, to awful loss and death, and then to resurrection again.

We have had a great deal of loss in our congregation this winter, as well as new life and connections growing. As the earth slowly warms, resurrecting spirits, may we know that to be a people of wholeness includes all the emotions, stories, and symbols of love, loss, and rising to live again.



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