Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom, First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee

Amazingly, we are beginning a new decade this month. According to movies from my childhood, this should be the decade of hoverboards, robocops, and dystopias. And while we struggle with our own dystopian realities in the actual 2020, the closest thing I see to a hoverboard is a dockless scooter. Alas. Maybe next decade.

What does it mean to be a people of Integrity this January of 2020? Integrity is about adhering to a moral (or artistic!) code. It is also about wholeness and alignment. Therefore we might say integrity is about adhering to a moral code, but we could also say it is about living a whole life and aligning your life with your truth. Are you living a whole, undivided life? Are your values and your behavior aligned? What about your mind, body, and spirit? Are your intentions in line with your effects?

I invite you to consider how you want to begin the next decade of your life. How can you more fully live your truth in the 2020s? How might you live a more whole life? How can you bring the various pieces of yourself and your life into alignment with your truth? How might we do these things as a religious community? How can we be more whole together? How can we live our congregational truth more fully? How can we bring our intentions in line with our effects?

I look forward to exploring life, truth, and wholeness with you in 2020.


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