March includes Spring Equinox when the hours of dark and light are evenly balanced. It can be a good time to reflect on equanimity. Is balance a state of stillness or dance? In yoga balance postures, first I sink into balance through movement, then the movement stills into breath, and then eventually into movement again. What is the relationship between movement and stillness as you find your balance?

As a community, we have the opportunity to find our balance together—like acrobats who fly the air or shift drivers who give each other breaks. When people work together, they have to experiment to find their give and take in each moment, their balance of talents in the dance. No one person can lead or follow all the time, nor can communities be solely composed of leaders or followers. We must learn to move and flow with the rhythm of our own lives in the context of the rhythm of the people. Sometimes the balance is in flow, sometimes it is in ebb, sometimes movement, sometimes stillness.

Our Board is in the midst of articulating Ends from the visions you shared with them this fall. These Ends will set the direction for us to move together as a congregation. At the same time, our Pledge Team and Visiting Stewards are leading us in the stewardship of our mission, gathering the resources to fulfill our dreams. It is a pleasure to witness the dance of the different parts of the congregation, moving in the rhythm of the whole, finding balance. What is your role in this rhythm?

With love,



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