Really? An inspiring conference? Hear what three of last year’s attendees said:

General Assembly is an incredible experience. Incredibly comprehensive, incredibly uplifting, incredibly huge, incredibly life- and hope-affirming. The thrill of seeing how large and diverse we truly are is an experience not to be missed.   ~ BJ Ermenc

I was inspired and warmed by the enthusiasm and hope on display for advancing anti-racism, and bending society towards righting the wrongs of our white-supremacy-based and colonization-driven culture. The worship was moving, and the music filled a hole I didn’t realize I had been missing during COVID. ~ Board of Trustees President Mark Bender

I think I liked it better [virtually] than being there is person.  ~ Chris Linder

This Year is “GA MKE” June 23-27
General Assembly is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association. GA is all-virtual this year with a Milwaukee tilt, since it was supposed to be live here. There will be some Milwaukee-based programming.  Participants worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the UUA through democratic process.

As a bonus, registrants receive links to the workshops and lectures, so any you missed (or want to see again,) you can view at your leisure later. Last year’s attendees said this is a REAL PLUS because you can’t sit in front of a screen all day for four days straight!

For information on programming and to register, see the GA website:

First Church Reimbursement
First Church has funds to pay the $200 registration for 32 persons. We will give first priority to youth, young adults, first-time GA attendees and persons who will be delegates to vote at business meetings. To be reimbursed, you must submit your receipt by June 30.

If you have questions, and to reserve reimbursement, contact Bruce Wiggins (contact info is in the church directory and the Member Portal Realm.) Or contact one of the persons quoted above who attended last year.

by Bruce Wiggins
Denominational Affairs Coordinator

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