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Meet the COVID Re-Opening Team

The beginning of spring saw the first meeting of First Church’s COVID Re-Opening Team who immediately got to work on drafting a policy for our return to in-person church options that prioritize safety, equity and clarity.

Our mission is to consider questions about when and how to safely re-open church and how to make decisions about re-closing, should circumstances warrant. In addition to opening criteria, we are considering appropriate policies for capacity, building use by different group sizes, and which precautions to maintain upon re-opening. We are also discussing how to keep church accessible to all as we move beyond the phase of the pandemic that has kept us distant from one another. The team will communicate a draft policy with the congregation and seek feedback at the Annual Meeting in May.

The team includes church leadership and members of the congregation with expertise in health and building considerations. Reverend Jennifer is leading the team along with committee chair, Erik Alexander, MD FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist who is passionate about COVID safety. Jean Johnson, First Church Director of Administration, is leading our efforts in communication, facilities operations, and operational policies. Stacy Koenen, Lead Established Patient Coordinator at Froedert Clinical Cancer Center, and Lisa Koneazny, Nurse Clinician in the genetics clinic at Children’s Wisconsin, both contribute more than a decade of leadership in the congregation as well as medical expertise. Trudy Watt, RA NOMA, is an architect who will liaise with the First Church Building and Grounds team to add mechanical and spatial considerations.

Trudy Watt, COVID Re-Opening Team

Editor’s Note:  Come to the Annual Meeting May 16 to give feedback on the draft re-opening policy.

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