By Deb Solis, Youth Program Coordinator

As T.S. Eliot said, [quote]“Every moment is a fresh beginning,” [/quote]

and that is how our YRUU youth group at First Church is starting the new church year. In August, eight of us gathered for our annual Youth Steering Committee retreat and some exciting ideas and opportunities surfaced in our discussions. Our youth will definitely be more visible during coffee hours by participating in extra-curricular RE activities and advertising youth fundraising events at church wearing sandwich boards and some new things will be happening at the bagel table on Sunday mornings.

Ehlona Walker attended the Thrive Leadership School for Youth and Young Adults of Color in Bellevue, Washington in August and shared some of what she learned about people of color and our denomination including the discussion of adding an eighth principle to our UU principles. Look for her detailed description in the October Chanticleer, along with reflections from two of our youths who attended the 2017 Midwest Leadership School; Celie Koneazny and Abby Aiken.

Youth examined their individual roles and revamped the Youth Steering Committee by-laws and are very passionate about becoming more connected to our Social Justice Council in the upcoming church year. Look for more In Their Words in future Chanticleer issues.

Our youth bring energy, excitement, and passion to church and are continuing to develop their faith and connections at First Church. If you are new to First church and have a 9-12th grader please consider registering them to be a part of our dynamic youth group which meets Sundays from 9:00-10:30 a.m.

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