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Social Justice

C’Mon Home To Eat in September!

Bay View Farmers Market

You are what you eat!

Sign up now for a September “eat local challenge.”

Our Earth Justice Ministry challenges all First Church members and friends to eat food that comes from within a 100-mile radius of your home, as much as possible, during the month of September.

If you cannot do that in every case, at least commit to being aware of what you eat and try to make good, conscious choices that prioritize locally owned businesses, locally produced products, family farms, and organic farms.

It’s good for you, and it’s good for those food producers and the Milwaukee economy. And it’s crucial for the health of our environment.

This month-long program in September is a celebration of local foods, not a sacrifice. In pledging ourselves to this, we make a stand for a healthy local food system.

How do I join the “C’mon Home To Eat” festivities?

Sign up at First Church at Coffee Hour! Or email Bruce Wiggins or Tree Moore .

The Earth Justice Ministry is a program of the Social Justice Council of First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee. The EJM focuses on one of the seven Unitarian Universalist core principles, “respect for the interdependent web of life, of which we are a part.”

For more on this and other active programs to work on issues of racial equality, immigration reform, food and shelter for the homeless, environmental protection, and more, in Milwaukee and beyond, visit https://uumilwaukee.org/get-involved/social-justice .

veggies at fondy food market


Header photo: Milwaukee’s South Shore Farmers Market features local produce, baked goods, cheese, meats, maple syrup, and more. Photo of Wild Flour Bakery stand is by Katherine Keller, courtesy Bay View Compass.

Bottom photo: Veggies abound at Fondy Food Market. Photo: Fondy Food Market.

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