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Contribute to the Holiday Pageant 2021

Do you recall a remarkable holiday moment? Perhaps it is a beloved family tradition, an act of generosity, or the first Christmas away from home? What do you love about the winter season?

Give the gift of yourself and share some of your wisdom and joy with the community by contributing to the All-Ages Holiday Pageant!

We long to hear one another’s stories and keep good company as we turn toward another December. Connect with our church community by sharing something true and authentic about you and yours this holiday season.

You’re invited to record a short video or send in a drawing to become a collaborator in our collective holiday effort to celebrate the stories that make the holidays exceptional.

Content from all ages is welcome. Videos should be between 10 seconds and 2 minutes long. Drawings or original art should be holiday season themed. Questions and creativity are welcome.

By the way, we hide a pickle on our tree and drink glogg at my house each year. I am so curious to hear all about your favorite carols, the decorations on your tree, holiday memories and more!

Please contact me if you have any questions or ideas. But if you already know what you can contribute, please upload it by December 10 at the holiday pageant Dropbox.

Rev. Kimberlee

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