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Share the Plate November–Law Forward

Law Forward Inc. is our November Share the Plate partner.

Law Forward is a nonpartisan, nonprofit impact litigation firm committed to protecting and advancing democracy, and to restoring Wisconsin’s pragmatic progressive tradition.

Currently, Law Forward is focusing on these efforts: 1. Protecting voting rights, access to the polls and fair administration of elections. 2. Advancing fair legislative districts and resisting efforts to gerrymander Wisconsin again. 3. Enforcing state constitutional requirements and separation of powers. 4. Resisting current efforts to revive long discredited legal doctrine. 5. Promoting the proper function of Wisconsin’s regulatory agencies. To learn more about Law Forward Inc. please visit their website:

Contributions can be made securely online at this First Church link or mail your check to First Church made payable to: Law Forward Inc. The church will send all contributions to Law Forward.

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