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First Sabbatical Pulpit Guest, Rev. Shari Halliday-Quan

After so much Sabbatical committee planning these last few months, we are excited to hear from our first Sabbatical pulpit guest this month! 

Rev. Shari Halliday-Quan will join us on March 26 to share their message “Stuck in the Middle With You.” In addition to their deep commitment to justice work, Rev. Shari is known for their dynamic and high energy preaching style. How will Rev. Shari’s message enrich you? How will it enrich us as a congregation? Join us for our first Sabbatical pulpit guest on March 26 and let’s find out together. Here’s more info about their Sunday Service.

Reverend Halliday-Quan is the Senior Minister of First Unitarian Church of Rochester. They were loved into being by a large extended family in Los Angeles made up of white folks, Chinese immigrants who did not come here “the right way,” Latinx and multiracial cousins, civil servants, a stunt driver, workers in the gig economy before we called it that, and so many other multitudes. Shari has a BA in Economics from Fordham University and a Masters of Divinity at Union Theological Seminary, studying in both places the imperfect science and art of how to do a lot with a little. Prior to ministry in congregations, hospitals, and community settings in Rochester, San Francisco, and New York, Shari worked in recruitment and admissions.

Senior Minister Sabbatical Team: Eric Heilig, Chair, Suzie Considine, Jeanne Durnford, Lorraine Jacobs, Juanita Mast

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