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Journalism, You, and the Future of Truth Seeking

As a longtime journalist, Dave Umhoefer offered tips while in the pulpit this summer for dealing with disinformation – and despair—on our UU “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”

He urged members to:

  • Support local media outlets whose staff live here and come from all Milwaukee’s neighborhoods.
  • Approach, assist and encourage reporters, and share their work. They are under attack and pressure.
  • Pay for the news you use and find credible! Ask yourself: How much are you paying for cable and streaming services, compared to your support of news outlets?
  • Push local outlets to cover all local elections and all candidates.
  • Follow a diverse set of voices on social media to escape your information bubble. Work to find civil and thoughtful voices with different political perspectives.
  • Very intentionally curate your own news content. Do it in a way that gets away from overreliance on opinion and sensationalism.
  • Read deeply researched books and long magazine articles.
  • Examine your own writings and posts. Are you personally encouraging an atmosphere of candor and truth telling while refraining from attacks? Avoid groupthink and be open to new information.
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