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Social Justice

Spreading the UU Word Across Wis.

The Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist State Action Network (WUUSAN) was formed to build a statewide network employing the power of the collective of all Congregations and Fellowships in Wisconsin. By sharing our experiences, knowledge and creativity of rural, exurban and urban Unitarian Universalists, we continue to uphold the worth and dignity of every person while acting to further justice, equity and compassion.

WUUSAN has joined a formal partnership with WISDOM, a statewide justice and equity focused religious organization. This summer we took part in WISDOM events in support of individuals returning from incarceration in Green Bay and Appleton.

Two active projects are the current focus of WUUSAN’s participation: UU the Vote and Building Unity. Members are sharing voter training workshops with more to come. The successful work of the LaCrosse UU’s on obtaining local support for their work has served as a model for other UU communities. In the Building Unity project, we are forming statewide networks for people to advocate for peace, justice and sustainability.

Coming up on October 16, Rev. Mark Richards, President of WUUSAN will talk about voting and spirituality at a First Church Sunday Forum. While WUUSAN develops a strong agenda for this fall, we invite you look over the website, for more information. WUUSAN Board member, Dan O’Keefe can also be contacted.

Dan O’Keefe, WUUSAN Board & First Church Member

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