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Summer Solstice lands on June 21 this year, marking the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer. In Celtic Pagan society, the solstice was traditionally celebrated with a giant bonfire, honey mead, music, and dancing. Like we do, Ireland had long, cold winters, and summer was a time to celebrate and embrace life again.

As humans, we need joy and celebration in our lives. We also often need rituals to return us to a practice of celebration and gratitude.

What is worthy of a big bonfire celebration in your life? What rituals could return you to the ground of gratitude for your life’s blessings? How will you mark the turning of time from Spring to Summer?

At church, we will celebrate our community’s blessings with our annual Flower Ceremony on June 5.  Remember to bring a flower with you to church that morning to share with the community in our ritual of celebration.

See you at church,
Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom, Senior Minister

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