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Personal & Spiritual Development

Spiritual Practice for Holding Our Center

In this new year, what does it look like to find our center? As the world seems to spin faster and faster, it feels easy to lose balance, for our center to get knocked off or slowly slip away until we are topsy turvy. Keeping our balance takes practice, especially when the world moves under our feet.

Our spiritual practice for balance needs to be able to manage movement and change—we must be able to bend and curve, wobble and weave with time and circumstance. We also need to know where our center is, and to focus on it as we, and the world, move. Where is your center? Where are you keeping your attention, your values, and your priorities as things shift and change?

At First Church this spring, we have a chance to practice holding our center together in the midst of change. During my five-month sabbatical, from February 19 – July 19, you will have the opportunity to hold the community’s center together, as the values, love, and practice of community stays with the people. A Senior Minister sabbatical is a healthy practice for healthy community, as the people hold themselves and each other, and maintain balance, leadership, and health in change. Plus, you’ll get to experience some of the leading thinkers (and doers!) in Unitarian Universalism as pulpit guests—see the Sabbatical Pulpit Guest article for details.

With love,
Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom, Senior Minister

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