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Personal & Spiritual Development

What’s Your Comfort with Mystery?

I love mysteries: both the “What happens when we die?” type, and the “Murder She Wrote” type. Like many in our faith, I am comfortable with the big questions (things like “where do we come from?”, and “what is the purpose of life?”) being questions. Like many in our faith, I also like solving puzzles and getting the answer right. I am a cosmic-mystery-yes, cozy-mystery-yes kind of a minister.

Where do you fall in your comfort with mystery? Do you like the big mysteries being open-ended? Do you enjoy having problems with clear solutions?

Mystery can sometimes feel anxiety-producing, and other times feel exciting. This month, with holidays and families and increasing night, we will explore the beauty and challenges of mystery. May the space between the stars hold you in tender care this season.

With love,
Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom, Senior Minister

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