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WORDS on the WIND: Intention

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By The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Intention, our January theme, is somewhere on the road between hope and commitment—it is not quite a goal, not quite a plan, and yet more than a vague hoping. Intention involves the yearning of hope mixed in with the beginnings of commitment, but perhaps intention leaves open space for change. […]

Words on the Wind: Hope in Something Larger

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By the Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom As Unitarian Universalists, our faith calls us to have hope in something larger than ourselves, in some reality that is larger than either the individual or the present moment. That reality might be the courage of the human spirit, the beauty of humanity, the ground of all being, a larger […]

Words on the Wind: Abundance


By the Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom. In our Worship Associate conversation about abundance, our November theme, Robert Szymanski asked the provocative question, “What is ‘enough’?” Since then, I have been thinking about abundance and scarcity, in the context of enough. There are the basic needs baselines of enough: clean water, healthy food, shelter, heat, and medical […]

Words on the Wind: People of Courage

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By the Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom October is going to be an exciting and important month for First Church’s future, and an opportune time to explore our October theme of what it means to be a people of courage. How might we deepen our vision of our future together by looking through the lens of courage? […]

Words on the Wind: Growing Deep


By the Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Time has a strange warp with place, pace, and memory. I can hardly believe how quickly our first year together has flown by. In one breath it seems like last week was years ago, and in another, it seems like I was just arriving to join you yesterday. Sometimes I […]

Words on the Wind: Embodiment


  The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Our theme for the month of May is embodiment, which is perfect for the month when things finally begin growing in Wisconsin, when many people are outside, and when we have the opportunity to explore embodying our values as a community. I am excited for this beautiful unfolding into warmth, […]

Words on the Wind: Transformation


The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Our April theme of Transformation is particularly apt for a month that includes my Installation as your Senior Minister; a Breaking (Cookies), Building Community event about living our mission as a large congregation; and, Gaia-willing, the coming of spring. An Installation is a tradition in our faith whereby a congregation ceremonially […]

Words on the Wind – Risk


The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Risk means facing the reality that everything in life is impermanent, and nothing is guaranteed. It means acknowledging that not only are we transitional, the world around us is too. Risk means admitting we might lose things we love and not get things we want. In our Worship Associates discussion about […]

Words on the Wind: Identity


In his book A Hidden Wholeness, Parker Palmer says our hidden selves long to be witnessed into wholeness. Most of the time, we only present parts of ourselves in public—the most socially acceptable faces and pieces of our personality. However, there is a hidden wholeness that longs to be fully acknowledged and accepted. The work […]

Words on the Wind-Love is not Always Nice


The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom As we enter this month of January, with the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and the scheduled inauguration of the President-elect, we are tasked with the question: What does it mean to be a community of prophecy? We will explore the theme of prophecy throughout the month of January: […]