UU Latinx DACA statement


To our Unitarian Universalist siblings,                                                         Sept. 6, 2017 Spirit of Life, Love and Justice we are hurting. We feel betrayed by the United States government and the people who support the current administration. We are […]

Meaningful Connections: Literacy Services of Wisconsin

By Cheryl Butterfield Two days a week I tutor English as a second language to immigrants at Literacy Services of Wisconsin. It has possibly been the most rewarding experience of my life. The students provide the interest, intelligence, and drive that they need to succeed, while I provide that little lift to overcome the barriers […]

Our Sanctuary Discernment Continues

By Patricia Geenen, Immigration Issues Action Group By sharing knowledge and experiences at Sanctuary Sunday gatherings (the second Sunday of each month) and through ongoing research with relevant experts and stakeholders, the Sanctuary Discernment Team continues to gather and disseminate information about the risks and rewards of declaring solidarity with immigrants and refugees in the […]

A Minister’s Reflection: Charlottesville


This weekend, white nationalists terrorized the people of Charlottesville, Virginia, spewing hate and committing violence. The group committing and encouraging terrorism was organized and intentional, and many people are terrified. Many are also broken-hearted, while others are enraged. And many of us, while distressed, are also unsurprised. Sadly, this weekend’s festering boil of white supremacy, […]

Promoting Justice

By Bruce Wiggins, Social Justice Council Chair Our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is leading UUs to move beyond stating our values of “Taking Action” to promote justice and compassion. Together with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), they have published a Declaration of Conscience that congregations can adopt and individuals can sign on to. Nearly […]

Institutional White Supremacy

stop racism

By Celie Koneazny, YRUU youth member White Supremacy is the belief that white people are superior to those of other racial backgrounds and should therefore be in control of everything politically, economically, and socially. But what is white supremacy to the teenagers of today? So far, it has been something to talk about and analyze […]

Our Earth Day Commitments

Earth day commitments AD

By Tree Moore After Earth Day Sunday services on April 23, sixty seven congregants made commitments toward healing Earth and its creatures. Food and water – We have 8 new organic gardeners (no pesticides) along with rain barrels and 6 serious composters and worm bin operators, a possible chicken owner, and a dozen folks will boost […]