First Sundays: An R.E. Tradition!

The first Sunday of each month is a time for our young people in K5-Eighth grades to get to know each other in multiage community, and work on developing their faith as UUs in ways outside their normal class curriculum. We’ll have older kids and younger kids exploring how to be together as they deepen […]

A Night Out With the YRUU Teens

A mission trip fundraiser! Saturday, November 12, 6:30-9:00 p.m. $25.00 per adult; $10.00 for children ages 7-15; free for kids under 7 years  The YRUU youth group is hosting a talent show for church members of all ages. Appetizers and desserts will be served before and after the show and you can meet the youth […]

Oct. 2016 Membership Moments: Joining First Church

By Cheri Taylor, Membership Development Coordinator   When you decide to join First Church, it will be a big moment for you and for us. We have a responsibility to see that you are made welcome and that you find a place in our midst where you can make friends and continue your spiritual journey. […]

Denominational Connections: The Chalice Lighters Winter Call to Grow UU Congregations From Bruce Wiggins, Denominational Affairs Coordinator

The “Chalice Lighters” program gives you an opportunity to grow Unitarian Universalism in our state and region. It is an initiative of our Unitarian Universalist Association’s MidAmerica Region to fund small projects by individual congregations. Chalice Lighter grants are funded by small donations (for example, from $10 to $50) from individual UUs across our large […]

Why You Should Take the Time to Reflect on First Church

If you’ve been a member or pledging friend of First Church for more than one year, you know that this year’s stewardship process is a little different. Yes, we traded the large all-congregation event for small and large group events in members’ homes and in the church! Yes, we are using appreciative inquiry process in […]