I am Here 

Earth Hands

I am here because as climate change effects roll out, they are going to hit the most vulnerable among us first and they already are. I am here because we know that 2016 was a record year and before that, 2015 was a record year and before that, 2014 was a record year. And I […]

Words on the Wind

Night Sky

The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Oh, dear ones. We are entering the holiday season, always complicated, in the midst of post-election grief. I notice anxiety, anger, and sorrow tick-tocking its way through my own body as it also moves through the body politic. The Sufi teacher and poet Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi wrote, Being fully present to […]

Mission trip reflections – By Mary Ann Aiken

This year I went on my second mission trip. As a youth group, we really put in a lot of hard work to raise money for the trip, so I want to thank the congregation for participating in our events and buying bagels at coffee hour! With your help, this year’s trip was an amazing […]

Post-Election Processing

Jennifer Nordstrom, Senior Minister

By the Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom I am so grateful to all the members of our congregation and the community who joined us for the post-election ritual and processing on Wednesday, Nov 9. It was an important night for us to gather together. We were in different stages of grief: some folks were in shock; some […]

Dedication of Parents and Children: November 20, 2016

A Dedication of Parents and Children is scheduled for our Thanksgiving service. This simple ceremony is the UU version of the traditional Christian “baptism” or “christening,” though the meanings we attach to it are significantly different. Dedications are available only to church members. If you are interested in having your child dedicated on November 20, […]

First Sundays: An R.E. Tradition!

The first Sunday of each month is a time for our young people in K5-Eighth grades to get to know each other in multiage community, and work on developing their faith as UUs in ways outside their normal class curriculum. We’ll have older kids and younger kids exploring how to be together as they deepen […]

A Night Out With the YRUU Teens

A mission trip fundraiser! Saturday, November 12, 6:30-9:00 p.m. $25.00 per adult; $10.00 for children ages 7-15; free for kids under 7 years  The YRUU youth group is hosting a talent show for church members of all ages. Appetizers and desserts will be served before and after the show and you can meet the youth […]